Thursday, July 12, 2007


We visited this town on the recommendation of our friend CHM - yes, the same guy that gave me yesterday's Word of the Week ! If I remember correctly, he told us that we should see it because of the black stone used in the buildings.

A typical street in Alba-la-Romaine.

The town was founded by the romans who called it Alba Helviorum until the fourth century. Through the middle ages, and until 1904, it was called Aps after the prominent family of the area. After that, its name reverted to simply Alba until 1986, when it was once again changed to Alba-la-Romaine. Today, there are about 1,100 people living there.

We wandered around for a while taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of the place. Then we pressed on toward the Gorges de l'Ardeche.

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  1. Phone-in comment from CHM : one interesting thing about Alba is that its name means "white" and its buildings are built with black stone.


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