Saturday, June 19, 2010

The new armoire

This is really not a big deal, but it was a good deal. Our house is equipped with one, I repeat: one, closet. In France, closets are not generally found in older homes and apartments. What people use instead are armoires, pieces of furniture that function as closets. We have a couple, down in our utility room, that we bought several years ago. They're modern, pressed-board assemble-it-yourself style things that are utilitarian, but not very pretty.

The new armoire in the entry hall.

Of course, armoires come in all kinds of amazing styles, most very ornate. You can find hundreds of them for sale in antique stores or second hand stores. This one, less ornate than many others, we found in one of our local second hand stores. We thought that the style goes well with our mid-60's house, and the price was right: €60. We'll use it in the entry hall, pictured here, but not necessarily where it's sitting now. It will be a great coat closet and is big enough to hold other stuff, too.

You'll probably see it again once we finish the room.


  1. Very smart. We would call it a wardrobe.

  2. Walt,
    I guess the US is much the same as OZ where most homes now have built in robes. The bigger homes have walk in robes, but there is much charm with a wardrobe, even if not as practical.
    Yours has charm.

  3. Walt, that looks nice and sturdy and well made :) I like any design that seems well made, and well finished.

    Leon and Sue... "robes"? Is that Australian English for what we call closets? :))

    And, I know that in the U.S. we use both terms, wardrobe and armoire-- I don't think there's any difference between what the two words refer to. Oh, and there's chiffarobe, too, eh?


  4. Simple, elegant, and looks nice with the tile floor.

  5. Clicking on the imaginary "like" button.

  6. It's very nice. Is it real wood?

  7. Beautiful! And an excellent buy!

    You can use the low price to help even out the high price of the floor varnish. I do that all the time and it makes me feel better. ;-)


  8. jean, oh yes. I knew that!

    leon, yes, most homes in the US have built-ins.

    chris, thanks!

    judy, the only time I've heard the word chiffarobe was in "To Kill a Mockingbird."

    diogenes, that's what we thought. :)

    cheryl, hehehehe.

    starman, real wood!

    bettyann, I'm one step ahead of you!


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