Thursday, October 17, 2013

Morning sky

I took this picture in the vineyards behind the house one week ago. Since then the skies have been overcast and we've had rain. But as of this morning the rain has moved on and we should have some dry days ahead. And even warmer temperatures.

The sun is getting lower in the sky every day and our morning walks often happen in twilight.

This is all important because a bunch of outdoor chores are on hold. Among them, getting the grass cut. The rain and mild temps are making the grass grow like crazy and it needs to be cut. There's also the remaining logs to get sawed, and I have some low hedges to trim. We also would like to get the garden plots tilled up for winter.


  1. Walt, try sowing some green manure [mustard best at this time of year] in the empty beds and till that in in the Spring...
    the books say that it is killed by the frost...
    WROLLOX! It will grow quite happily through all but the winter we had two years ago [that killed everything not insulated by snow]...
    if it looks like it is beginning to flower, cut it down with a hook and leave it where it lies...
    when tilled or dug in [about a month before you intend to use the beds] it adds fibre and nutrient to the soil...
    it also keeps all the nutrients from a winter composting near the top and not washed down where the plants can't get at them.

  2. it's been warm here too this week (70s F). spouse will cut the grass again this weekend, perhaps for the last time this season.

    by 7p it's dark; boooooooooooooo! :(

  3. Good news until next February and then it will start all over again . Believe that the POTUS is not going to give in - he has learnt that some of them are mere bullies working against him.

  4. We're also now enjoying a late(ish) October balminess in the weather which, I imagine, is much the same as in your part of the world, Walt. But your morning walks should get a little more daylight when your clocks go back in a few days time. (I presume.)

  5. You've done it again...after reading this post, I feel the need for a nap.


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