Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oh crap(aud)!

I saw this unfortunate fellow the other day on the dirt road that runs near the pond behind the house. I'm sure we'll be seeing this a lot more in the next months as les crapauds (toads) come out of hibernation and begin mating. I've already heard some croaking around the pond in the mornings. They tend to quiet down when Callie and I walk close.

Frog went a-courtin' and he did ride, uh-huh. Splat.

Inevitably, some of the toads will be on the road at the wrong time and get flattened. Poor things. When alive, they're good for the garden as they eat insects, slugs, and snails.


  1. You will have to get out there with your frying pan and lift them to safety (seriously -- that's how they do it on busy roads where the toads really don't have much chance otherwise).

    1. We just put on gardening gloves and pick them up to move them. We haven't seen a big population of them in several years now.

  2. I hate toads they are so ugly..

  3. Thanks for the delightful photo, Walt ;)

  4. If it was a big toad, it was probably a lady. You may even see a big toad with two or more little toads glued to her back. At least they died happy. Pauline

  5. Maybe just a sign would help the toads: Faites-vous Attention! Voitures et Camions!!!

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Yeah, it seems there is more than one way to croak.

  7. Perhaps you should make crapaud dans le trou for lunch in his/her honour.


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