Monday, April 11, 2016

Hot house

Our little seeds continue to sprout and on Sunday I put them all out into the greenhouse/tent. The sun was (unexpectedly) out most of the day and it got very hot inside, so I had to leave the roll-up door open through the afternoon. After I did that, it stayed a balmy 24ºC (about 75ºF) inside.

The greenhouse standing open to keep it from getting too hot in the sun.

As the seedlings grow, I'll transplant them into individual pots so they'll have room to get bigger before we plant them out into the garden later in May. By the time I do that, it may get a little crowded in there. You can see that I added a couple of boards across the back wall for more space.

Tomatoes, cukes, squash, kale, and herbs are beginning to sprout!

We decided that, once the seedlings are out of the greenhouse, it will be a good place to grow warmer weather plants like basil. We've always had mixed results with basil because it's not consistently hot here, and basil likes warm weather. But, inside the greenhouse it should be warm enough.


  1. Sunday here was really pleasant, sunny and warm. Perhaps a little breezy. But last night we had Thunder, Lightning and heavy rain. I thought it was going your way and feared for your greenhouse.

  2. Basil will do well in that.... but, in this climate, you will need to make vent holes at the apex... and keep the door closed.
    A couple of Cherry style tomatoes... Sungold, Nectar or Trilli are really good "apero" tomatoes...nice balance of sweet and sharp!
    I like the extra shelves... there never is enough space!!!

  3. Oh, very good idea about the basil!

  4. Basil makes me think of eggplant. You would have an ideal spot in which to grow good-sized plants,
    awaiting really warm weather before transplanting into the garden.

  5. Does your greenhouse have a little flap near the roof peak that you can keep open for air and ventilation? I've seen those on other such structures.
    Now you've got me anxious for summer salads.

  6. How do you keep insects and other nibbling critters like rabbits away from your food plants once they are in the garden (asks the big city girl)?

  7. potty, we had a few gusts, but rien de méchant.

    tim, I'm afraid to puncture the thing. I'm not very good at stuff like that.

    judy, I hope it works. I planted thai basil seeds already.

    mitch, it's more fun when harvest time comes along.

    evelyn, ain't it?

    sheila, we're going to get some eggplant soon.

    emm, no, so I have to deal with that. Not sure how yet.

    kiwi, the yard is fenced in, so deer are not a problem. Rabbits have not been a problem, either, probably because of the dog and the cat. Insects are a crap shoot, depends on the year.


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