Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The north side

Moss, it is said, grows on the north side of the tree. The shade favors its growth, while sunlight stunts it. The problem is, however, that in the woods, the bases of most trees are shaded most of the day. Moss can grow anywhere. I guess you have to look at more than one tree to get your bearings.

Pointing toward the north. Roughly.

Our ersatz greenhouse was delivered on Monday, so I plan to put it together today. It's a collection of rigid tubes over which a reinforced plastic tent gets attached. There are shelving units for pots on either side of a narrow center aisle. The trick will be in securing it to the ground so that wind won't blow it away. I'm sure the stakes that come with the thing won't be sufficient, so I'll add to them. I won't know how that will work until I get it all unpacked and assembled.


  1. No surprise I guess, but here moss grows on the southern side of the trunk and our warm winds come from the north and the cold winds from the south. I remember a couple of decades ago helping friends assemble a garden shed. It could not be that hard. What a mess we made, so good luck with your assemblage. Don't rush it. Slowly slowly, catchee monkey.

  2. I'm sure you'll find a way.

  3. I want that wine truck in the previous post

  4. andrew, it's the world upside-down! LOL

    chm, yup.

    john, if it were mine to give...

  5. And moss grows fat on a rolling stone.


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