Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tarte au citron

Today, I made a lemon tarte, tarte au citron in French. There are many types of recipes in France for the tarte au citron. Some are like the british/american lemon meringue pie. I made one of those last week and it was good. But the traditional french kind is very plain, if that's the right word. It's just a pie with a short lemon custard. The recipe I made today is a bit fancier. It has almond flour and crème fraiche, making the filling a bit more like custard than usual.

The ingredients: eggs, crème fraiche, sugar, almond flour, lemons.

First, I made a pâte brisée (this link will take you to my recipe; click the "back" button on your browser to get back here) and blind baked it.

The crust is "blind baked," meaning that it is pre-cooked with pie weights before the filling is added.

Next, the ingredients were eggs, lemon juice and lemon zest, ground almonds (or almond flour), and crème fraiche. I put strips of dough on top, but they sank into the lemon filling. Oh well.

The batter, ready to go into the pre-baked crust.

It baked very nicely for about 20 to 25 minutes. And here's the result.

The pie is pretty, but the desired effect of crossing lines of crust didn't pan out. Most of the crust strips sank into the filling. Oh well, maybe next time! Bon appétit!


  1. Enquiring minds want to know.... how did it taste? Would you make it again (sans the pieces of crust that fell into the filling)?

  2. We haven't tasted it yet. It smells good though.

    The letters I have to type in to publish this comment or johnhm. Do you think our friend has influence with blogger?

  3. The tart looks so yummy to me- I need to show it to Lewis. He loves lemon pie! I've never seen such a recipe with almond flour or sour cream.

    I love the flavor of almond. One of my favorite discoveries happened in -'01 when I tried my first almond croissant. Now we always include one or more every trip.

    Have you ever made the lemon pie that has Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk in it? It's quick and easy.

    I'm betting this tart will be even better than the merinigue-topped pie.

  4. The pie was deeee-licious! It's not as "tart" as a classic lemon tart, though. The almond and the cream lightened it up flavor-wise and gave the filling a more custard like texture. The strips of crust that sank into the filling also added some texture!

  5. K, I never get john anything to type in ... there most be a bond between the two of you. Today I get jblxj - what a mouthful!

    I agree with Evelyn. Almonds and/or almond flavor are a good addition to lots of things - like pie and crossaints. And who hasn't had green beans with almonds?

    Glad the pie is good. I am not a big fan of meringue, so your pie is much more appealing to me. And in signing out, I leave you with this:



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