Thursday, February 23, 2006

Photos du Jour : Tower Play

I know, I still haven't posted the final tour. But I'm hoping to have it finished very soon. In the mean time, here are two more views of the Tour Eiffel:

I've always felt that I only get the sense of the size of this thing when I'm standing near it, or under it. These two pictures almost convey the immensity of the tower even though I'm still a good distance away.

I've been told, and I don't know if it's true, that the area inside the four feet of the Eiffel Tower is equal to one hectare. That's 10,000 square meters (100 x 100 meters), or 2.47 acres. One hundred meters is about the length of an American football field. If someone else has heard this, or otherwise, please leave a comment.

Remember, these photos were scanned from color slides, then processed in Photoshop. I'm not the most skilled Photoshop user, but I'm trying to get the colors to match the originals as closely as I can. I haven't taken slides in many years, having migrated over to digital, and my slide projector is no longer working, so the scanner gives me an opportunity to not only look at the old slides again, but to digitize and share them. Ain't technology grand?

Thanks for your patience!

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  1. thanks for the memories, you're looking good, kid!!!!


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