Saturday, May 21, 2016

More interior shots

This is going to take a while. I'm not one to post photos all at once. I like to drag it out. So here are a couple more shots inside the Panthéon in Paris. The first one looks up into the dome that I would soon be climbing toward.

Looking up into the dome. My final destination was just outside those windows.

This second shot is one of the transepts of the church. I'm surprised at how these interiors turned out, given that they're taken without any flash. There was some sun coming in from the upper windows, so that helped.

Colorful paintings in the southern transept. Or was it the northern? I can't remember.

I still have a couple of interiors to show you before the climb up into and outside of the dome. Stay tuned!


  1. Looking straight ahead -- at the two men holding the box, if you like -- it looked like a face of an old man, at first.

  2. I was reminded, almost, of an Easter Island head.

    I love this building. There is so much to see and usually very few people visit it.

  3. Take your time, show us lots of pictures. It's such a treat to get a tour like this.
    No crowds, either. And we don't have to worry about our feet getting tired from walking.

  4. ellen, it took me a while, but I finally saw it. Good eye!

    bettyann, there were quite a few folks there when I was, but it was far from crowded.

    tom, the restoration work looked to be well done.

    michael, :)

    emm, lol. You may eat those words...

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