Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Second stop

Our little group continued our climb up to the dome of the Panthéon, stopping a second time outdoors, just under the colonnade. As we waited, enjoying the rest, we took in the view westward toward the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides dome (under which Napoléon is buried).

Looking down the rue Sufflot. The big trees are in the Jardin de Louxembourg. The gold dome is at les Invalides.

When the guides figured we had had enough, they took us up again, climbing back inside the building only to come out again inside the colonnade. I didn't know how much time we had up there, so I started taking pictures rather quickly.


  1. It is a great shot. I love the different eras represented by the building styles. And, of course, the Eiffel Tower is iconic....

  2. You must have had a large zoom camera to get such a fine photo! I love seeing the tour from the Pantheon.

  3. I especially love the perspective you ended up with on the apartment buildings in the right-side portion of the photo!

    1. Yes, I like that perspective, too, and especially the zillions of chimney pots, all clustered like birds on the roof.

  4. lorraine, um, which lorraine are you? The time stamp on your comment has me confused!

    evelyn, that photo was taken at 75mm, the wide end of the 75-300mm zoom lens.

    judy, yes, I think they add a little depth to the photo. Thanks!

    emm, wait a few days... I'll show you some chimney pots!

  5. I'm enjoying your tour, this is a marvellous photo, with all those chimney pots......looking forward to more chimney pot shots.

  6. I'm ashamed that in all these years, I've never made it to Paris. Thanks for taking me there!


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