Thursday, May 26, 2016

Who put that there?

The Eiffel Tower is probably the most familiar and photogenic monument on the Paris skyline. It's always challenging to find new ways to capture it and I'm certainly not the first to do it from this vantage point. But it was the first time for me, so I'm counting it!

Who could resist taking this photo?

There are many other familiar monuments to see from the Panthéon's dome. Stay tuned for a few more.


  1. Who could resist? And who could do it so well?

  2. You have such an amazing eye when it comes to photos, Walt!

  3. I cannot resist sweets. There I've said it! It's hard not to resist something even if everyone else can. Your photo is _____ (avoiding the clichés!) Maybe you can think of a word that isn't a repeat - I can't right now. Merci.

    While in Paris I have always tried to view the Tour Eiffel if I am up high enough. It's rather like a game with me.

    I've resorted to just going on the Roland Garros website and then viewing the link for the best games. I can't manage to get up in the middle of the night to watch the games - maybe I'll be successful towards the end!

    I am a follower of The Big Bang Theory so I "got" your reference a few days back about "bazinga"!!!

    Are you and Ken able to watch Steven Hawking's, Genius programs? It was on last night on PBS and wouldn't you know it (as far as coincidences go!) there was a project for his volunteers to solve that involved a pendalum (this is getting way too scary for me since I don't usually believe in coincidences). Very interesting. See if you can see these programs. We had 2 on last night, one right after the other. I found them fascinating. And scientific! More little grey cells for me (!)

    Mary in Oregon

  4. chris, merci !

    jan, :)

    mitch, ;)

    judy, years of training with only the best artistes...

    mary, can you record the matches to watch during the day? I'm glad someone noticed my reference to Sheldon... and no, we have not seen the Hawking programs. I'll have to look it up. :)


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