Sunday, May 29, 2016

Notre Dame de Paris

Here's a Parisian monument that everyone knows: the cathedral of Notre Dame. This view is, of course, from the dome of the Panthéon, looking right down the street where my hotel was, across the arm of the river that separates the Left Bank from the Ile de la Cité, and smack into the southern flank of the cathedral.

The bright blue and red building behind the church's towers is the Centre Pompidou, Paris' modern art museum.

What more can I say? I didn't visit the church this time, but I did walk by the front on my way to another neighborhood later on that day. It's been way over a week since I've returned from my trip, but I'm still showing you photos from that first afternoon, before I even left France.


  1. And, that's what we're here for-- to see your photos! :)

  2. I've never been in the Panthéon, and I have never seen this view of the Notre Dame before now. Very nice. I always remember that the Pompideux and Notre Dame are close to each other. It helps me find my way around the city to have those landmarks in my head! Next trip I'll have to go up to the Dome and snap my own photo!

    Mary in Oregon

  3. I suppose I should visit Paris someday, truth be told I've always wanted to go. I need to get over my fears of going there.

    1. It's okay. They don't use the guillotine anymore.

  4. I was thinking of more mundane modern rumors but you assurance is most comforting.


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