Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Look

I have a new look. If you look over to the right, you'll see my b/w face has been replaced with a full color shot of me waist-deep in colza. Colza is what the French call this plant and the oil made from its seeds. It's sold under the name of Canola in North America. It's a Canadian-bred variety of the rapeseed plant.

According to Wikipedia, the word "canola" comes from "CANadian Oil Low Acid," a reference to the lower levels of erucic acid in this trademarked cultivar of rapeseed, from which oil is also extracted.

This time of year, the colza fields are starting to turn the glorious yellow that will brighten up the countryside for miles around.

Until I get a shot of that, here's the Château de Chambord, taken yesterday from an angle not normally seen on the postcards. I like the contrast of the magnificent castle and the rutted dirt road leading up to it.

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  1. Nice author photo! Thanks the chemistry and liguistic lesson also. It's spring, and isn't it wonderful?
    Chris P


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