Sunday, April 09, 2006

Un Jour, Une Tour

I will admit it. I have a small collection of Eiffel Towers. It started with just a couple, you know, souvenirs from trips. Then I noticed that I had a few, and grouped them on a table. Other people noticed, and they started giving me towers. I also would buy one or two that caught my eye. Suddenly, I had a "collection."

It's not huge, my collection, and it's certainly not an obsession (yet). Here is my latest acquisition:

I got it on our Paris trip last week. I couldn't resist the tiny baguettes. And speaking of baguettes, here's a photo of me and our "bread lady" who delivers fresh baguettes from the boulangerie in town to the house five days a week. We are now quite spoiled by this service and hope it doesn't go away soon!

I'm thinking that every now and then I'll post another in the Eiffel Tower series, just to show off my little collection. That means that I'll have to remember the origin of each little tower. I hope I'm up to the challenge!


  1. Hey, that's cute! Does it fit on top of the bookcase with the others?
    Chris P

  2. That baguette tower is chouette- I've never seen one like it. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation, but I'm happy to see you back here.

    gotta love that bread lady!


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