Friday, June 16, 2006

The Eggs

I've been waiting patiently (with my handy ladder nearby) for the mother redstart to leave the nest in the evening so that I could climb up and look at the eggs. Here they are:

There are five eggs, as you can see, which conforms neatly with the description in the bird book. It won't be long before we have some chicks, I'm sure. I'll keep you posted!

It's weird, but when the bird was trying to build the nest, I was totally against it being there. All I could think of was bird poop on the deck. Now that she actually got it built and there are eggs inside, I can't think of why I wanted it gone. Go figure.


  1. New acquaintances often prove to be interesting, once you get to know them...

  2. And guess what? No bird poop. What a neat bird.


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