Friday, November 21, 2008

Good-Bye, Fontevraud

This is the last (for now) of my posts about the abbey at Fontevraud. It's been real fun! I do need to get back there one of these days to take some more photos.

The abbey and village at Fontevraud.

This is a model of the abbey grounds and the surrounding town that we saw in the entrance/gift shop. Being a student of architecture and city planning, I love models like this. I would build one if I were also a student of wood working. Alas, I'm all thumbs when it comes to precision wood cutting.

I hope you enjoyed our foray into the medieval fun that is Fontevraud. I also hope that you get to visit the place if you haven't already. As I've said, it's really worth the trip.


  1. Great series on Fontevraud.. loved the photo's and history. I hope to see more features like this one. Cheers Don

  2. Walt, It was a blazing hot day in June 2006 when we visited Fontevraud. We spent a lot of time in the church and the kitchen building to escape from the heat outside and to cool down. So we had plenty of time to admire the beauty and serenity of the place. Your series on Fontevraud brought it all back to me. Thank you. Martine

  3. great job explaining this beautiful place - we saw it too a couple of years ago and really appreciate your insights - keep it up - wonderul blog!

  4. don, thanks - we'll see what develops!

    martine, you made me want some blazing hot weather...

    dale, merci mille fois!


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