Thursday, November 06, 2008

Photo Du Jour : Rosebud

I don't have much to say today; we're still recovering from our all-nighter Tuesday night. I slept very well last night. We're also going to try to get an early start on some errands we need to run today. The Ikea store in Tours opened recently so we're going over to check it out. In the meantime, I offer you this from our back yard:

A November rosebud races against the weather to open.


  1. What a delicate and peaceful picture after all the excitement of the last 48 hours. It reminds my of the song 'The last rose of summer' ... Martine

  2. Walt

    Rosebud is also the Secret Service nickname for Sasha, the cute youngest daughter of Obama.

  3. Your little pinson is about as cute as they come, Walt.

    As for anoymous- just scoll down to the place for "name" and type yours in there.

  4. Lovely photo and good luck putting anything together if you purchase at Ikea! LOL

  5. martine, we have a lot of these each year. If it doesn't freeze, they will open!

    beaver, I didn't know that!

    evelyn, thanks!

    lady jicky, we didn't get anything that needs to be assembled. Thank goodness.


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