Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Photo Du Jour : Window Sill

These pots were sitting on a window sill in Richelieu. I'm sure that in summer, they're planted with something colorful like geraniums.

Pots on a window sill.

This picture, however, was taken in the fall, and the pots were empty. I think many people take their geraniums in for winter and put them back out again in spring. Still, it's not unusual to see geraniums in window boxes right up until a freeze hits.


  1. Walt, you need to photoshop some lovely croissants into your picture, so that you can get a bunch of drooling comments, like Ken did :)))


  2. Love all the different textures! Shingles, brick, glass!

  3. judy, I know. Ken got all the food photos first!

    cheryl, that's what I liked about this one, too. Do you remember it? You were there when I took it.


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