Monday, November 02, 2009

Miss Albany Diner

Saturday morning I planned to meet up with some fellow bloggers in the Albany area. This fun lovin' group of guys gets together weekly for breakfast at an old downtown diner currently called the Miss Albany Diner.

Left to right: Sean, Dan, Roger, and Jeffrey.

The diner has been there since 1941 and has had various names over the years. It's featured in the film Ironweed, made back in the mid eighties.  The guys get there early each Saturday to be sure to get their regular table and their favorite waiter.

Inside the diner before we ordered.

It was great fun to be there to meet and get to know Sean & Jeffrey and a couple of their good friends. Of the four, only Sean is an Albany native. The others hail from further south on the East Coast and as far away as Mississippi.

Table 1, party of five.

Breakfast for me was two poached eggs on toast with a curried cream sauce and sliced scallions, served with a side of home fries. Very good, and accompanied by coffee and orange juice, terrific company, and fun conversation. What a great way to start the day!


  1. I haven't seen a real East Coast diner in ages. Remember how they used to have the little juke box at each table?

    I recognize Sean from a blog I've linked off to from comments on yours, I believe. Is this the first time you've met in person, then?


  2. It was so very cool to be having breakfast with you at MAD...I love it when my on/off line world's collide. You'll be meeting more of the gang Friday. Wear something pretty!

  3. 1950's style diners are very popular in our part of England and there are quite a few. I always come out feeling extremely full and guilty about eating so much.

  4. Diners down here in Dixie don't serve poached eggs with curried cream sauce- I wish they did! Was that a white sauce with curry and scallions added? I think I could make that- it sounds good.

  5. I'm more than elated that you were able to join the boys at MAD. I've been there several times with them and have always always always enjoyed!

  6. Would love a diner breakfast tomorrow. Probably be all I think about tonight as I sleep. Hope you are having a grand time!

  7. I'm enjoying reading about your New York trip. I am jealous you are meeting up with fellow bloggers!

  8. judy, yes, this is the first time we've met!

    sean, you bet!

    jean, they're a lot of fun. I didn't know you had them in England.

    evelyn, it think it was something like that.

    alewis, it was great fun.

    duchess, having loads of fun!

    michael, one day it could be you!

  9. There is a real diner in Fort Lauderdale, I think. I haven't been there in years.

  10. WOW!! Your pictures are just STUNNING!!! Just having returned from Dublin, I can say that it really has that same feel... NY and the East Coast in general has that 'European' flare.... When are you coming back?!


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