Wednesday, November 25, 2009

La Tronçonneuse

The chainsaw. This is a used saw, but it's new to me. My current saw is a good Black & Decker electric model and it has served me well. But there are some jobs where I feel I need more power than the electric saw can muster. A gas powered saw, and one that's slightly bigger, will come in handy around the yard.

Our new gas-powered saw.

Since our friend Jean-Luc died last month, his partner has decided to move into a smaller home. She doesn't want to deal with the yard and other maintenance in her current house all alone. As a consequence, she's had to dispose of a lot of his things. Jean-Luc did construction and renovation work and their basement was filled with all sorts of tools.

He had a table saw, a drill press, at least four or five different electric drills, a wide array of lawn and garden tools, and a large collection of carpentry and masonry tools. Jean-Luc always had the right tool for the right job.

Many of the tools had been spoken for, of course, by family and business partners. We asked our friend about the chainsaw and she said it was available. So we bought it. In a way, it will remind us of Jean-Luc, as do the many projects that he worked on around our house.

And now I will have no excuse for not taking down that old apple tree in the back yard and cutting it up for firewood.


  1. Nick will approve. His favourite garden implement is his chain saw. His was second-hand, too and he bought it from the market in Sheffield. He was in his leather biker jacket when he bought it (cos he travelled to work on his bike every day) and the shortcut back to work was through Marks and Spencers. He got a few strange looks from the other customers but they all gave him a wide berth !!

  2. I thought maybe it had been Jean-Luc's, when you mentioned it yesterday. Enjoy it :)

    Thanksgiving preps well under way over here-- house cleaned!

  3. Save the apple wood for smoking meats.

  4. If he was a professional, it must be a real quality saw which will provide years of use.

  5. You are a very brave & butch man.
    This is my story & power tools... I can't fathom a chain saw:

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. You must know that he would pleased that some of them went to you.

    I look forward to seeing your house, garden, & village in winter.

  6. jean, I would have, too!

    larry, oh, so very much.

    judy, we're still working on ours.

    kendall, that's a good idea. All I need is a smoker...

    starman, we shall see. I don't know how old it is, but I do know that it was recently serviced and he was using it right up until he died.

    stephen, I'm looking forward to reading that one!


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