Sunday, November 01, 2009

Yankee Fans

We attended the Halloween party on Friday night and had a terrific time. My friends Lou and Lorraine and I improvised some New York Yankee fan costumes (if you could call them that). I had just happened to bring my Yankee cap with me on the trip, and Lorraine had three player tee-shirts that we could wear.

 We are the Yankee fans.

The party was fun, mostly people from the neighborhood.  There was way too much food, of course, and most of that was Halloween themed desserts. The hosts had a party room in the basement of their house that they had set up as a disco with lights and music and a bar.

We spent most of the party on the main floor around the living room fire, around the dining room table, and crammed into the kitchen (typical party gathering spot). They also had an outdoor fireplace going next to their pool, which was heated and waiting for midnight dips. We left long before that happened.


  1. What?! You couldn't make it to midnight? C'mon Walt, you're not THAT old ;p

    In fact, you look like a cheeky 12 year old in this photo!

  2. evol, ahhh, but you are forgetting jet lag...

  3. Wow, sounds like you're having a good ol' American time -- how much more American does it get! Halloween, Yankees, World Series, dessert excess....


  4. A midnight dip in the pool? In New York? In the winter? Brrrrr.

  5. judy, very American indeed!

    starman, not winter yet... still fall! and it was relatively warm and the pool was heated. ;)

    michael, you bet. But they're up 3-1!


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