Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cake Decorating 101

It's Friday and we're going to a Halloween party this evening. One of my friends' neighbors is the town's deputy police chief and he and his partner give an annual costume party, and we were invited. We're going as New York Yankees in honor of the World Series.

The cemetery cake, surrounded by autumn leaves.

We're wearing Yankees tee-shirts, our Yankee caps, and we're smudging black lipstick under our eyes. There may be a baseball glove or two involved. And my friends are bringing a dessert for the food buffet. Lorraine wanted to make a cake she saw on television.

 A close up. Boo!

The cake is a dark chocolate brownie cake. Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies are stuck in the cake as tombstones, with "R.I.P." written on them with icing. Finally, grated coconut is colored green and placed around the tombstones to simulate grass. It's a cemetery cake!

Lorraine and I put it together Friday afternoon. We're headed over to the party this evening.

Happy Halloween!


  1. That cake looks fantastic!! And I bet it tastes fabulous. Hope you had a great time at the party last night. Martine

  2. Love the cemetery cake. Cringe at the thought of you going to a Halloween party as NY Yankees. Once a Cubs' fan, forever a Cubs' fan.

  3. cute cake and not too hard to it

  4. you are a very clever cook!

  5. Le gateau- c'est chouette! I knew you were a Yankee, but didn't know you were that sort of Yankee.

    I root for the Reds, but their machine hasn't been up and running since the 90s.

    Enjoy your halloween party- Glenwood Terrace here in Anniston is all decorated and ready for hordes of trick or treaters. The headless horseman will be making his annual appearance there.

  6. Fabulous cake!

    As for the Yankees... well... once a Red Sox fan, NEVER a Yankees fan... :))

    Hey, I thought I'd tell you about a quick conversation that happened in French 5 this past week:

    Moi: "Hey! Guess who is here in the U.S. right now!"

    Various classroom voices: "Sarkozy???" "Ken??" "Walt??"

    --(insert peals of laughter on all sides)--

    Moi: "Yes! Walt!"

    Student One: "Here?!? In St. Louis?!?!?"
    Moi: (Laughing) "No, not HERE in St. Louis, but here in the U.S."
    Several Students: "Is he going to come here and do a presentation?!?!?"
    Student One:"Oh, man, that would be SO COOOOOL!!"

    --(insert more peals of laughter)

    Then I asked them what he would do in his presentation... ummm... maybe stand at the Smart Board and point out Salers cows and explain Salers cheese??? Like I already do?!?!

    It was a hilarious moment :))


  7. Judy, I would love to be one of your students. You guys must have a lot of fun.
    That cake is very cool.

  8. Cool cake. What a great Halloween idea.

  9. Is Halloween a Gaelic holiday?

  10. Wow Walt! The cake is beautiful and it looks absolutely delicious. Sounds like you are having a ball while you are here in the states. Have a Happy Halloween! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  11. Nadege, I have some of the most amazing students... they're just great people! You can't help but have fun with them :)


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