Friday, October 02, 2009

Fluffy Seeds Of Fall

Fall is picking up steam, or should I say, fog. Our mornings are chilly and, as the sun comes up, fog forms over the river valley. Sometimes there's fog in the vineyard, but so far it's very thin and burns off quickly. That won't be the case in another month.

Seed pods waiting for a good breeze to blow them away.

The grape harvest continues and the big harvesters methodically ply the rows of vines morning and afternoon. I'm sure the growers are happy with the sunny and dry weather we're having right now. Soon St.-Aignan will hold its annual fall brocante (flea market) and some of the growers will be there selling cups of bernache, grape juice that is still in the process of fermenting.

These seeds can't seem to let go of the "mother ship."

I've tasted bernache; it's sweet and tart and a bit fizzy. All the sugar hasn't been consumed by the yeasts yet, hence the sweetness. Our neighbors have warned us against drinking more than one cup of the stuff. Apparently it wreaks havoc with one's digestive system. I've taken their advice, so far.


  1. The photos are fabulous! The bernache info is very interesting, too :)


  2. I;ll skip the bernache and wait for the neaveau b.

  3. judy, if you're ever here in fall, it would be something to try!

    michael, ours is nouveau t. Touraine. The Beaujolais region is about 400 km east and south of us.

  4. I remember that fog up in the Touraine area but hadn't thought about it for a while. We get a little here but it's not so frequent. And at 625 meters, Rodez and my village are sometimes above it all!


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