Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Very Grand Afternoon

Ken, Callie, and I were invited to fellow bloggers Jean's and Nick's holiday home for lunch on Friday. They spend their vacations about an hour south of us in a beautiful town that is built beneath a big medieval château. You can read about their adventures here.

Jean and Nick, their friend Barry, and Ken relaxing around the table.

We first met Jean and Nick this past August after having read each other's blogs for a while. Jean tells the story of finding and fitting their house in France, which they've owned now for a couple of years. We got in touch and invited them to our place for drinks and munchies in the back yard.

A slice of the rooftop views from Jean's and Nick's garden.

Their home is lovely, warm, and welcoming. Callie had a great time playing with their poodle Lulu while we feasted on salmon, veggies, and potatoes and a generous platter of cheeses. The wine flowed as freely as the conversation. And even though it was a tad on the chilly side, we really enjoyed being able to sit out on the terrace for the meal.

A view of the château from below.

Jean and Nick will be heading back to Britain at the end of the weekend, but we're looking forward to seeing them again, maybe around the New Year.


  1. Hi Walt, Thanks for posting the photo of your happy little group. It's lovely to see 'in the flesh' our bloger friends Jean and Nick. Wish I could have been there! Martine

  2. Jean and Nick, your place looks lovely, and oh-so-inviting! I pop into your blog now and then :) Thanks for the post, Walt!

  3. I really love that rooftop shot...just my kind of thing! And, I swear, friends like these are what turn a normal old afternoon into the GRAND one to which you refer. Perfect.

  4. Except for the chilly part, it does seem enticing.

  5. martine, happy to oblige!

    judy, you bet!

    alewis, it was a great time!

    starman, the chilly part was overcome by the warmth of our hosts. And the wine. ;)

  6. Hi Walt, we enjoyed ourselves, too. With good company and a few drinks, how can you fail to have a good time.
    And it was interesting to see how it's not only the English who are prepared to sit out on the terrace until their noses turn blue !!
    However, we did get to see the château the next day. I took lots of photos, just for you and Ken !!


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