Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's October Already

Hard to believe, but true. So let's celebrate with a couple of hedge trimming photos! I got the section on the northwest side of the yard completed recently. Here's a view of it from outside the yard.

I'm standing among the vines to take this picture.

And below is the view from inside the yard. You may recognize the apple pile from yesterday's post. It doesn't look it, but these hedges are between seven and eight feet tall. There's still the longest section to do. It wraps around the southwest corner of the yard (where the laurier sauce is) and runs along the road up to our driveway.

The inside end of the hedge is full of blackberry vines. Ouch!

The good news is that I've already trimmed the vertical surface and top on the yard-side. Now it's just the outside that's left. I'm still waiting to see if the town is going to fill in our ditch before I get started on the outside. We'll see.

The inside of the road-side hedge is done.


  1. So many damned leaves to rake up...

  2. Hip hip HORRAY!!! Good for you!!! I know Ken will NOT enjoy the raking.. hehehe!! Have fun!!
    And make some apple cake!!!!

  3. But it does look beautiful when it is trimmed.

  4. Perhaps the council are waiting for you to fill the ditch with hedge trimmigs.....!!!!!

  5. It really does look great. I admire the hard work both of you put in. You have a wonderful place :)



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