Sunday, October 04, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

Sometimes she looks so beautiful, and sometimes she looks a little crazy. You can decide which time this is.


  1. Beautiful. No question.
    About to chase after something?
    Or maybe watching her dinner being prepared. It's that sort of look, I think.

  2. Beautiful, but sometimes she strikes me as inanimate, like she's been to the taxidermist's.

  3. What was the outcome of the latest crispy crust caper?

  4. She's a beauty :) And, she gets to live in France!

    The pizza with tomates confites sounds like it would have been SO SO good. yummm.

    I love the Colonne de Juillet photo, too.


  5. Judy, Callie was born in France! She's a native, autrement dit.

  6. I think she's thinking about the full moon, in this picture. Our Lucy's behavior changed when there was a full moon.

    Callie is a sweetheart leading the life of a French princess.

  7. At Chenonceau (I believe it was there), I saw a statue of a woman with a plaque at the base which read, "La Reine, C'est Moi". I'm sure that plaque was meant for Callie!

    p.s. Bye for a couple of weeks.

  8. Can't one be both beautiful AND the same time? I love how the light is hitting her face and eyes.

  9. jean, I think she was resting after a run, chasing a rabbit or something.

    tornwordo, there's an idea for you and Serge! No shedding, no feeling guilty when you have to go out, no walking outdoors in the frozen winter! ;)

    bill, it was good! I wrote a little about it in the comments section of the previous post.

    judy, as Ken said, she's a native. She even has a European passport!

    evelyn, when Callie sees the moon, she barks at it!

    bettyann, I'm sure!

    alewis, you may be right about that!


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