Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tarte Tatin De Poireaux

I saw this recipe on Cuisine TV and instantly knew that I wanted to make it. So Saturday was the day. We bought some leeks for the occasion. It's an upside down leek tart.

The leek sections arranged in the caramel sauce, before the crust goes on.

I made my standard pie crust first thing Saturday morning and put it into the refrigerator to rest. I cut the leeks into sections about half as deep as my pie pan. As with all tatins, don't use a pan with a removable bottom or the sauce will leak out.

The finished tart, turned upside down.

The last step before assembling the pie was to make the caramel sauce. Remember, a tatin is an upside down pie that relies on a caramel for its look and taste. The caramel is made with 50 g sugar and a tablespoon of water heated over a medium flame. Once it turns brown, a tablespoon of vinegar is stirred in. Next, whisk in 25 ml of heavy cream and a teaspoon of curry powder.

Who's ready for a slice?

The caramel sauce gets poured into the pie pan, then the leek sections are arranged in the sauce. Next, a little salt and pepper and then the pie crust goes on top. It goes into a 180ºC (350ºF) oven for about forty-five minutes. After about five minutes of cooling time, the pie is flipped over onto a plate.

Another view. Yum!

The combination of sweet, savory, and curry spice was incredibly good. We ate it as an entrée before our main meal. And there's a good deal left over for tomorrow! We're going to make this again.

By the way, my blog statistics tell me that I hit 100,000 visitors overnight. Woo hoo! This blog has been going for four years this month (October 16 to be precise) and now we've clocked a hundred thou. Thanks to all of you for coming by!


  1. Felicitations! (Too bad you don't get royalties). Everyday I read one page of your life. That "tarte Tatin aux poireaux" really looks delicious.

  2. Congratulations on rolling the old odometer (Ooops...I guess that shows my age...the age of the 5-digit odometer)!

    It seems to me that this translates into more world-wide influence than 99.9% of us and all for the good. You're helping to push us toward a better appreciation of nature, beauty, living light but very well on the land, and just plain old niceguyness.

    Thanks a lot,

  3. Walt, That 'tarte tain' looks yummy and inspiring.

    'Congrates' on your 100,000 visitor!

    And, finally, have a safe and pleasant trip to the US. Will you be posting while you're away? Martine

  4. This looks like a really curious mixture of flavours. Leeks, curry and caramel - I'm intrigued and think I'll give it a try.

  5. Hey Walt...

    I'm glad you got in another beautiful culinary creation before you leave!! I almost JUMPED through my sceam to get at that luscious looking tarte tatin on the other side.. I can just taste it and my mouth is watering!!!

    Congrats on hitting the 100,000 mark! Yahooooo!!!
    Take care et Bon Dimanche!

  6. What a beautiful tarte! I've never seen such, did the leeks cook fully?

    Congratulations on 100,000 + visits. I know several lurkers who enjoy the good life here with you.

    Have a great trip back to the stats, I'm in northern VA this morning and fall is underway with its beautiful show. NY should be very good this year.

  7. Evelyn and all, I was skeptical about the leeks getting cooked, but they did. And the combination of flavors -- leeks, caramel, and curry powder, with some spicy heat -- was really good. This was one great success and we'll make it again when W. gets back from America.

  8. how do u clean the leeks if u cut em that way?? In my experience leeks hid a lot of sand/dirt in between layers.....maybe french leeks r cleaner

    have a great's been raining in the east but today is gorgeous.....hope it stays that way for you....

  9. Wow, it's hard to imagine how that would taste, but I'll take your word(s) for it that it was good -- it's tempting!

    Enjoy your trip to NY! Have a Macintosh apple and some Cabot 4-yr old cheddar :)) Have you ever had Shelburne Farms cheddar?? It's wonderful! (Shelburne Farms is in VT, near Burlington and Lake Champlain).


  10. I love leeks and I love caramel but never would have thought that putting them together would work. Interesting! congrats on the 100 grand.

  11. Congratulations on 100,000.
    Hmmm, a leek pie? I can't really imagine it.

  12. Wow! I've never heard of such a looks reeeallllyyyy yummy.

  13. Melinda asked the same question I had. 'Round these parts, leeks are very gritty and hard to clean. I halve the leeks before I wash them.

  14. Thanks to all of you for the congratulations. You all took me to 100K and I'm grateful!

    A few answers:

    Yes, the leeks cooked just fine. They were tender and good.

    The leeks we get here are normally not very gritty at all, especially in the white part.

    I've never had Shelburne farms Chedder, so I'll look for it.

    I am taking my laptop and will be posting from NY if everything works out.

  15. Looks SO wonderful! I love savory upside-down tarts. Saw a recipe for mini shallot tarte tatins in Cuisine et Vins de France magazine that I swore I would make one day.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a fantastic and safe trip. :)

  16. I've never seen a tart like this before. It looks totally delicious. I think it may be a bit adventurous for me to try.
    Congrats on the longevity of your blog. Keep the posts coming. :)

  17. loulou, they sound good. Have you made them yet?

    muzbot, it's very tasty and not difficult at all. Go ahead and give it a try! Let me know if you want it and I will send you the recipe.


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