Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Harvest Images

I know that Ken has posted some photos from this year's grape harvest, but I took these out the back window the other day and thought they were interesting, so you get to see them, too.

The harvester dumps a load of red grapes into a trailer.

It will be interesting in late November to taste the primeur, or new wine, and then next spring and summer to taste the actual 2009 release. The year has been warm and dry, except for some early rain in May, and the wine may turn out different from recent years.

The tractor and trailer wait for the next load.

And yes, that is my half completed hedge in the foreground. Thanks for asking.


  1. I'm always curious about how these machines work, and how they manage to pick just the grapes. Good photos :)


  2. Is the primeur sort of like beaujolais nouveau?

  3. judy, as far as I can tell, they vibrate the vines to get the grapes off.

    starman, exactly!


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