Thursday, October 29, 2009

New York State Wines

It's always fun to taste local wines wherever you are in the world. I'm lucky to be from New York, whose wine industry has really grown and matured over the last thirty odd years, and when I'm back I like to taste some of the wine.

Some local New York State wines.

I picked up the three Finger Lakes wines yesterday, and my hosts suggested we try the Long Island late harvest (Pindar's Winter White) while I'm here.  We opened up the Riesling on Wednesday evening and it was pretty tasty. It's slightly sweet even though the bottle says it's dry, but not too much, and it's flinty, too, with some interesting fruit flavors that border on citrus.

I can't wait to taste the others!


  1. So, Walt, can you tell us about your friends (guarding their privacy, of course)? Have you known them all your life? Are these the friends who helped you decide to spend that fateful year in Paris?



  2. I had to look in the dictionary for the meaning of "flinty".
    I didn't know NY state had a wine industry. Sorry about the rainy weather. It has been windy in SoCal and cool, with a high of 70 degrees.

  3. Walt

    From which part of the state is the Salmon Run winery?
    Coho Red is an interesting way to label their Red :-)

  4. oh my god, you're barely get there..... and you start drinking!

  5. Some of the New York "champagnes" have been getting good press recently, also.

  6. My word, you are having fun, ALREADY. No time wasted there, then !!

  7. Hmmm...slightly sweet......some years ago when we did the Moet tour (recommend) they told us that their Brut Imperial is finished differently for specific markets. For the multitudes of English and the very few French that buy it they add 3-5 grammes of sugar per bottle to get the "right" flavour whilst the Germans get around 10 and the Itallians somewhere in between. I can't remember what they do for the Japanese but the US however get an unforgettable 20plus grammes of sugar in every bottle, because the american preference is apparently sweeter. Perhaps the riesling was similarly finished for the steriotyped US palette?
    Incidentaly Moet have 27Km of cellars under their brewery at Epernay and when we visited 96 million bottles of champagne just waiting for us. We really should try harder....
    Word verification is ritypsy which is about 3 bottles....

  8. It is my understanding NY wines are becoming good enough to compete with some of the best. Do tell how you find them.

  9. I'm a firm believer in "uncork New York!"

  10. NickL, we did the tour at Moët a few years ago. Very impressive.

    In 2006, when Walt and I spent about 10 days in Upstate NY, we tried the wines and they were all good. And for very reasonable prices.

  11. judy, they are the very ones!

    nadege, NY has been producing wines for at least a century. They were never very good until recently.

    beaver, Salmon Run is in the Finger Lakes region of central NY.

    alewis, I'm sure I ever stopped...

    starman, cool, I'll have to try one.

    jean, not a minute!

    nick, yes, I do not like the American Moet White Star (as they call it); it's way too sweet for me. Good for dessert maybe...

    michael, will do.

    rachael, me too!

  12. NY's wine industry is growing... but you & I live in the 2 best wine growing valleys in the world!


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