Monday, October 12, 2009

What's Going On In The Vineyard

There's not much happening right now out in the vineyard. Most of the harvest is in, although there are still some sections waiting to be picked. The leaves are starting to turn. Yellow. Red. Brown.

Rows of white grape vines after harvest, turning yellow.

Some of the grapes are being left for what they call the late harvest. That is, the growers are waiting for maximum sugar and a bit of "noble rot" before they pick the grapes to make their sweeter wines.

Chenin blanc, hanging on for late harvest.

Some of the grapes that escaped the harvest are turning into raisins. These will most likely feed the birds or the deer or the foxes.

Grapes that decorate the maison du vigneron turning into raisins.

Fall is a very interesting time in the life of the vineyard. The pheasants are out there, running around to escape the hunters. The rabbits are doing the same. And the vines are doing their thing, getting ready for the winter pruning.

What's left after the harvest.


  1. Thankfully, you didn't have the following in your neighbourhood vineyards:


  2. I had to smile Walt, when I saw your pic of Paris tags. Last year in Paris all around the area of our apartment there were 2 recurring tags. One said Leon....another said Sims!!!
    I had to question what Leon actually did on those early morning rides.

  3. judy, I hope it lasts!

    beaver, haha! I saw that on the news!

    sue, well, that's pretty funny!


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