Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blues Du Blanc

I was recently tagged by Loulou for a little blog game whereby you post things that are blue from around your home. This would be perfect for my friend Sue whose favorite color is blue and has no lack of blue stuff chez elle. But she doesn't blog, unfortunately. So here's my blue collection:

A bowl hand-made by our friend Sue who loves all things blue!

Blue petunias on our deck this year.

A luminaire in blue given to us by our friend CHM.

The walls in our w.c. are painted blue.

One of my favorite books and a mail order catalog.

The Washington DC Metro Blue Line.

My blue sunglasses.

By the way, the title of this post is the title of a song. Ten points to the first one who tells me who sang it. No fair using the internet!


  1. Edith Piaf! Johnny Hallyday! Sheryl Crow! ummm... no, really, I have no idea :)) (Okay, now I've looked on the Internet, so I know.)

    I like the blue post!


  2. And to think that "blue" sometimes refers to sadness. Never understood it myself.

    When I first saw your title, I thought we might be having a post about wine.

  3. "Je donne ma langue au chat".

  4. Love your WC wall color! :)

    Thanks for joining in.

  5. Eddy Mitchell...I have 2 terrific CDs by him. he was in a late 50s band (The Black Socks) before going solo & covering several genres.

  6. I love blue too. Those photos are great.

    On another matter, how do you centre those captions beneath your photos?

  7. I like blue too
    This song was sang by Florence Foster Jenkins - in E flat.

  8. judy, hehehe.

    chris, a post about wine... now there's an idea!

    nadege, does that mean you know?

    loulou, you bet!

    stephen, but I don't feel blue right now... and YOU'RE CORRECT, of course. We also have several of his albums; he's a standard.

    victor, I select the caption after I type it, then hit the "center text" icon in the editor.

    michael, now you know you just made me google her. And I got a sample of her glorious talent.

  9. Where is the 'editor' function?

  10. Walt - ignore my last comment, I've found the correct screen now.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I'd rather be blue thinking of you. I'd rather be blue over you. Than be hap-hap-happy with somebody else!


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