Friday, October 16, 2009

Done For The Year

The hedge is finally done. I started around mid-September. There was no activity for about week in the middle due to rain, and I finished on October 15. Of course, my work day is not very long. I work for about two hours a day, maximum.

The roadside hedge (inside view) is finished!

But that doesn't worry me. I go slowly, and I don't have to pay anyone to do it for me. And it eventually gets done. Yay me. And Ken did his share by raking up all the trimmings for the burn pile. The last bit to get done was the roadside hedge, which is also the longest single section.

The roadside hedge, outside.
It looks much shorter in this picture than it really is.

And this year is the first year in three that I've actually trimmed the whole hedge and the bay tree without leaving any part undone. I feel very good about that. Now I don't have to think about this again for another year. And I'm hopeful that the ditch along the road will be filled in before I have to trim again.

And you won't have to read about it again for another year.
Happy Friday!


  1. YEAH!!!!!! It is INDEED a VERY HAPPY Friday for you, I can see!! A job well done-- double pat on the shoulder for you!! In fact, I used the word hedge as a vocab. word for some of my students for this week (keeping you in mind)... And the sentence I used was - His big task this weekend is to trim the hedge.

  2. Leesa, that's pretty funny :) Do you teach English in France?

    Walt, great job! As I've said before, you and Ken keep up a beautiful yard and a lovely home :)) It's a full-time job! Enjoy the fruits (or clippings, as the case may be!) of your labor!

    Leaves are finally starting to turn here. We haven't had much sun for many days, and we've had lots of rainy days. It's cold enough for the leaves to turn, but they need some sun! Even though it's been in the 40s and 50s, it is supposed to get up around 70 next week!

    It's Friday!


  3. Snow in the air this morning here in NH! I wish the dog could go out by herself to pee, but she's new here and I don't trust her off-leash yet. Maybe it's time for a fenced yard.

  4. TJIF and bravo on a beautifully trimmed hedge! One gets a certain sense of satisfaction from doing their own yard work (and cooking for that matter).

  5. Beautiful job, Walt. Two hours a day of hedge-trimming is more than I'd want to do--let me change that to--watch somebody else do.

    So where's the tarte tatin photo, then? The fork is quicker than the camera?

  6. It looks so nice! So pretty with the sunshine on it and the fall colors. Such a great job.

  7. Bill from NH, you want a fence and not a hedge? I know someone who is an expert at trimming.

  8. Nadege, but this guy only works two hours a day; it's positively un-American!

  9. NO need to wait a year
    you can come over and trim my hedge in the interim.

  10. leesa, wow! Cool.

    judy, I don't know if we'll see 70 again this year. I hope so...

    bill, snow! Probably is time for fence!

    evelyn, yes, it's nice to accomplish something.

    carolyn, the tatin photo didn't come out very well. I'll try to work on it. But the pie tasted great!

    alewis, thanks!

    nadege, acting as my agent? Does bill know how high your commission is?

    michael, again, are you providing air fare? And garden tools? ;)


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