Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Mood

Now that the chill is on it's really starting to feel like fall has taken over. The vineyard is turning color and it won't be long before the leaves drop, leaving only the brown trunks and the wispy canes from this year's growth.

The vineyards take on a yellow hue in the fall.

The canes will be pruned as winter progresses. But before that happens, we need to be sure to enjoy the fall spectacle while it lasts. It's nothing like a New England/Canadian fall spectacle, but it's pretty nonetheless. Here are some grape leaves:

Red and black.

Most of the grape leaves turn yellow and brown with some shades of orange mixed in. But here and there you can find some vivid reds among the vines. Not to mention intricate patterns of color as the leaves change.

Red, yellow, and green.

I have not yet mastered the skill of telling what kind of grape I'm looking at by the shape of the leaves. I have to rely on my memory, or what's left of it, to remember which grapes are where. And that's hardly reliable. So I make no claims as to which varietals these leaves belong to. You're on your own.

Green and bright crimson.


  1. Lovely, and great work on the hedge. Personally I'd have given up and paid someone.

    wv: dinkpoo


  2. torn, I used to pay someone but they seriously overcharged me (IMHO) and I put an end to it. Now I use the money I save to buy wine! ;)

  3. I miss the autumn. it is 101 degrees here and the AC is back up.

  4. Walt, the grape leaf photos are spectacular! I'd never survive in your garden, with its beautiful sculpted shapes. i suppose it is relaxing for you? I'm to lazy in my gardening mindset for that. Crazy, natural gardening is for me. I get to what needs to be done, when I get to it.

  5. michael, I don't think I could handle 101º!

    kyle, not so much relaxing as it is satisfying. France is a very manicured country, so I'm doing my best to fit in.


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