Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple Surplus

We started a new compost pile for apples this year. Since I've been putting grass clippings into the normal compost pile, it's filled up rather fast. But not to worry, the apples decompose very quickly and by spring they'll be ready to go into the garden soil.

A whole lotta apples.


  1. You're like us - you need a cider press.

  2. You could invite a pig, the pig would have a feast and speed the transformation into fertalizer.


  3. Travel,

    LOL Your idea would be great were it not for Callie. Can you imagine her displeasure?

  4. From "newsiness", I now understand why you kept on putting off the hedge trimming. That with wood cutting is probably your least favorite chores to tackle.

  5. I need some pommes for some more pomme desserts... My fav-- compote aux pommes (sans sucre).....

  6. Wow, do they get a bit smelly as they decompose?

  7. They do bio-degrade fast... but that is a great deal of un-made cobbeler!!!

  8. dear me
    it seems a waste in a way. i am glad you compost.

  9. simon, and a still! ;)

    travel, then I'd have to build a pen!

    bill, I bet Callie would enjoy herding it around and having a playmate!

    nadege, I like being done. A good sense of accomplishment. But the initial excitement wears of very quickly!

    leesa, mmmmmm!

    evol, surprisingly, no.

    stephen, oh, we still manage to use a lot of apples in the fall.

    michael, yes, that way they're returned to the garden to nourish our veggies!


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