Thursday, September 10, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

On our first morning in Cantal, we visited the touristy town of Salers. The town is perched on a ridge overlooking a beautiful valley. But we couldn't appreciate the view because it was quite foggy and cloudy.

Callie jumped up on a wall to take in the view.

Still, we walked into town and to the panoramic overlook. The clouds were quite nice. Callie liked them, too. Actually, I think she was just happy not to be in the car. And there were many other dogs around to say hello to.


  1. She is such a cutie... your "periodic puppy pics" are always my favorite. :-)

  2. hahaha, Callie looks like she's giving the eye to a cute boy dog across the way!

  3. I love the way her paw is poised gently upon the rock :)) What a sweety :)

    Did she come with you on sight seeing during the days?


  4. Yep, Callie "enjoyed" riding around in the car for four days. She more enjoyed walking around the towns. But she didn't like the cows — she growled at them.

  5. Callie knew she should be herding them up and sending them on their way! That is one lucky pup.

  6. justin, good, 'cause there's more coming!

    evol, she's actually looking at some cows that were grazing in a field just below.

    judy, yes, she went everywhere we did.

    juli, I think the cows were a bit intimidating.

    jean, thanks!


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