Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walking Through Salers : Buildings

Some of the buildings we saw on our stroll last week through the town of Salers in Cantal:

A nice rounded tower and conical roof.

A typical house in town.

This ceramics shop was set in the back of a courtyard.

A café/newsstand on one of the bigger squares in town.


  1. How quaint and charming. Also so neat and tidy ...and grey. So different from the creamy and golden colours and general crumbliness of the Loire.

  2. This looks much like the North Aveyron. Anyway, as I said to Ken, next time you have to make it down to see us. You weren't that far...but this wouldn't have been the best time for us anyway, rentrée oblige...

  3. Salers is one handsome village- I'm glad we were able to see it.

  4. Nice photos! Looks like a charming town.

    Congrats on the residency cards!

  5. Great news about the residency cards!

    Wow, I really love the stone and shale buildings in Salers. What a great-looking town!


  6. I love the pictures; you have such a great eye. I read both of your blogs every day. For some reason, I'm unable to comment from my home PC (the verification word doesn't appear).

    Keep up the great work.

  7. I love the buildings, even if they are a bit darker.

  8. Beautiful town, beautiful photos, Walt!

    And Congratulations!!


  9. jean, very different, indeed. It was an interesting change from home.

    betty, that would have been nice, and we'll try to do it next time. Ken says he wants to go back!

    evelyn, it was great fun!

    cheryl, thanks!

    judy, it's very picturesque.

    anon, thanks. Don't know why the word verif isn't showing. Do you use Firefox?

    starman, the grout they use is very light, so it almost balances things out.

    bettyann, thanks!


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