Monday, September 14, 2009

Still In Salers

How long can he keep this up? I mean, he was only in Salers for a couple of hours! I can hear you all out there. But I'm the one with the password, so you get more photos from Salers.

A newsstand on the Place Géraud Maigne.

But seriously. Salers is a very picturesque town and it's hard not to snap photos of just about everything. I keep saying to myself, "Self," I say, "you have so many photos of flowers and signs and buildings and windows and markets and dogs and pretty boutiques. Give it a rest."

An arched entry into the old town.

But then I remember that I have a digital camera. Remember the film? The debates you had with yourself about taking too many pictures because the film was expensive and processing was even more expensive? Remember that? I do.

A bed-and-breakfast house.

But no more! A one gigabyte card equals freedom. And way too many pictures. And Ken always takes more pictures than I do. How does he do it?

Detail of window shutters.

And then there's Photoshop. There is no such thing as a bad picture any more. They all can be improved, enhanced, and manipulated into something presentable. I don't do much more than cropping and making light/dark adjustments. Imagine what someone with real talent could do...


  1. Great photos. Keep them coming. As you stayed in such a beautiful and photogenic area, it would be a shame not to.
    The digital camera revolution has truly been amazing. On the other hand, there's nothing quite like losing yourself in a box of old photo albums. It's not quite the same looking at them on a monitor.

  2. I was just going to write that you and Ken both have a great eye for framing your photos, but, now that I know that it's all just Photoshopping, I'm no longer going to read your blogs.

    *heh heh* :))

    What I wonder, is how either of you manages to pick only a few photos for the blog from the many great ones that you take! That would take me forever. I loved the first one here today-- great composition. And the closeup of the shutters, too... I've really enjoyed the Salers Series.



  3. As a history buff, I soak up any and all of your pictures. The late medieval/renaissance town has vanished in America except for the congested street patterns in some cities (Boston for example) but it lives on in Europe and being reminded of it at regular intervals is a great support to reading of history, biography and literature. You are not allowed to stop--ever! :-)

  4. Walt

    Nah it will still be dry tomorrow morning ( If I lose, a dozen Montréal bagels the next time I am in Paris)
    Thank you for all those wonderful pics of Salers _ I love the buildings
    Reminds me of old Montréal and Quebec city where I lived for 2.5 yr and my apprehension every winter for lack of parking space on those narrow "ruelles"

  5. You couldn't possibly have too many of your beautiful photos, either of you.

    I actually got started reading blogs (goodbye, years of my life) by hunting for photos of France. The first one I found was Claude!

  6. I've never used Photoshop. Maybe one day I'll get around to trying it.

  7. Everything looks so beautiful. Is there nothing ugly in France?

  8. jean, I wish my old photos were in albums instead of in a box in the garage. And my more recent photos are all slides - thousands - that I've started scanning to digital (but it takes time).

    judy, thanks. I do have to resist the temptation to post more photos. I don't want to be repetitive.

    will, I'm glad you enjoy them. I don't get out often to new places, so when I do, I have to milk it!

    beaver, so far this morning, you are winning.

    chris, yes, Claude was one of the first blogs I read regularly, too!

    starman, it's fun, and with a few basic techniques, you can save photos that you otherwise might have tossed.

    urspo, oh, yes there is. But I don't take as many photos of that. But there's an idea... hmmmmm...


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