Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

Before we leave Tournemire, I want to share this cute photo I snapped at the castle. Ken was pointing up toward the towers and Callie was trying to see what he was pointing at. Was it a bird? A cat?

Look up there!

By the time I got the camera ready, I had to ask Ken to point again, so he did. And Callie looked up a second time.


  1. Walt, if you became their agent and put them on the stage, you could make big money. I'm sure. Well a couple of euros anyway !!

  2. At first I thought he was teaching Callie Thai Chi!

  3. I've noticed that Mason has a hard time looking up....if someone is up above us on their patio calling down to him, he looks every direction except up.....funny.

  4. Maybe Ken and Callie should take up "doggy dancing" ;^). I hear it's very popular nowadays. Martine

  5. Did you know that dogs are the only animals (other than humans) who understand what a pointing finger means. Cats, for example, only look at the end of the finger, not in the direction the finger is pointing. Hogs, however, get the concept that the finger is pointing at something and look in that direction.

    Here's a like from Time.,9171,1921614,00.html

    Who new?


  6. Oops. Who knew? Hit send without reading. Bad girl, bad!

  7. jean, what a good idea!

    evol, ha! That would be fun to watch.

    alewis, you should do a video of that!

    martine, hehehe!

    susan, I didn't know that, but now that I think about it...

  8. Adorable. Susan's info was interesting as well.

  9. tornwordo, thanks! Yes, I thought so, too (about susan's info).


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