Saturday, September 19, 2009

La Cascade De Salins

Just south of Mauriac, on the way back to our rental house, we pulled into a parking lot on the side of the road to take in a view. The lot was next to a small picnic area that overlooked a beautiful valley, complete with cows grazing on green pastures.

La Cascade de Salins and le Viaduc de Salins.

Lewis noticed a sign about the place that indicated a nearby waterfall. We walked a short distance and were rewarded with this view, la Cascade de Salins and the viaduct that crosses the river upstream. According to my map, the viaduct is a rail line; we drove the road just below it where the houses are.

The valley of the Maronne River which eventually joins the Dordogne.

This picture is not of the valley next to the waterfall, but of a similar valley nearby, closer to Salers. I just thought I'd include it here as an example typical of the valleys in the area.


  1. It took such violent volcanic events to create the beautiful landscape we are rewarded with now.

  2. I wish we could have stayed a week in the Auvergne now. We had so little time to experience such beauty.

  3. How lovely!
    Walt, had you and Ken ever been to this area before, or was this little vacation a discovery of new things for you?


  4. nadege, thank goodness it's mostly calmed down!

    evelyn, maybe we'll go back one day!

    judy, this was the first time we've spent any time here. We've driven through before, but en vitesse.


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