Friday, September 18, 2009

Le Château De Val

This impressive medieval (fifteenth century) construction once dominated a grand valley. Now the valley is a lake formed by a dam on the Dordogne River at a town called Bort-les-Orgues.

The castle and tour boat dock. The marina is out of the photo to the left.

We drove up to the château after a lunch of pizza and wine in Mauriac. Ken, Lewis, and I took Callie on a long walk around a little bay to get a view of the castle without the marina docks in front of it. It was a nice walk -- Callie loved it -- and we were rewarded with a great view.

Another angle. You can see two kids sitting on the rock at the bottom of the photo; they were swimming in the lake.

We didn't go inside nor did we take a boat ride on the lake. There were a few people around, including a busload of folks that boarded one of the tour boats for a cruise. We also spotted a couple of kids jumping off the rocks at the foot of the castle into the lake below. I'll bet that water was cold.

Another view with the lake. I removed the white satellite dish that you can still see in the middle photo.


  1. I was wondering what that white spot was. Now I know. Beautiful pictures.

    Verification word is thers. I wish that chateau were mine, with all the money that goes with it!

  2. Aujourd'hui on fête les Nadèges en France. Alors, si vous lisez mon blog aujourd'hui, bonne fête, Nadege!

  3. I loved this castle! I'm going to email you the photos of the courtyard which had a handsome metal horse. The gift shop had lots of posters of the chateau made by different artists.

    It was a good place.

  4. Merci Walt! My niece sent me a email; can't believe I forgot my own "fete". I love the pictures of the castle. I might have to give Cantal a look when I go back to France. From my parent's window in Rodez, we can see the "Plomb du Cantal".

  5. chm, it turns out that Ken and I took the satellite out of one photo but not the other in each of our blogs. Quite a coincidence!

    evelyn, thanks for the photos you sent!

    nadege, I think it's worth the trip!

  6. Now this is what I think of when I think of France - history! Gauls, Celts, Carolingians and what not.

  7. urspo, and there's plenty of that! Especially the what not. ;)


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