Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Signs In Salers

I often take photos of signs, especially small out-of-the-way signs. I like the colors, I like the fonts (what did we say before we all learned what a font is?), I like what they say.

This electric company sign is about three inches high.

And I like that a photo of a sign lets you look at it differently. When you see a sign in the street, you glance at it only long enough to get the information you need. Often a sign is like, if not actually, a pictogram, something you see all the time and recognize without actually needing to read it. Like a stop sign or gas station brand sign.

Outside a gallery.

And there are multitude of little signs all over the place that we hardly even see, let alone read. But in pictures, you can begin to see the art in signs. And once you start looking, you find you look longer (if you can) and actually start to seek out the signs.

An English menu sign outside a restaurant.

Ok, this is getting too deep for me. These are just a few of the signs I saw in Salers. If you'd like to see more sign photos, click on the "signs" label in the sidebar on the right.

A borne, or road marker, just outside of Salers.


  1. "Sign Sign everywhere a sign
    Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
    Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign"

    But I do agree, signs are fascinating. And the final picture reminds me of the game "Mille Bornes"... not to be confused with Guillotine!


  2. Thanks for the photos, Walt, I love signs too!


  3. P.S. And please don't ever give your camera a day off! Yesterday you said something about holding yourself back from posting too many photos. Blasphemy!! Your readers need all the photos of France we can get!


  4. So what does the "D680" mean?

  5. Starman "D680" is for Departementale 680 (like Route 66 but not as glamorous as the song)though all those departementales are going through the pretty countryside.
    Is it raining yet? (10 pm your time).

  6. Walt,
    Don't you just love those "risque de mort" signs? They really pt me off tampering...!

    We also love the roadsigns that have Tout Directions pointing one way and Autre Directions pointing the other, and nothing else! How French is that?


  7. cheryl, I haven't played mille bornes in ages!

    bettyann, you bet!

    starman, nadege beat me to it!

    nadege, merci!

    nick, yes - there's one (danger de mort) on the utility pole behind our house. I think.

  8. Hey Walt!!

    LOVEEEEEEE the top two photos, especially!! Hope all is going well with you guys!! Hugs, Leese

  9. OOPS.. I realized I commented on the wrong post!! I meant to comment on the post just above this one!
    Thanks.. Lees


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