Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Le Château De Saint-Chamant

Little St.-Chamant (population 280) has a beautiful old castle on its eastern edge. The Château de St.-Chamant is privately owned and maintained and, I believe, lived in during the summer months. Tours are offered during July and August, but we missed that having arrived on September first.

Pointing the way.

According to my meager research, Robert de Balsac bought the fiefdom in 1473 and began work on the donjon (keep). In 1589, after Balsac's death, the property was ceded to a family named Lignerac who expanded the buildings and built the primary residential wing at the end of the 17th century.

St.-Chamant's main road near the castle.

About one hundred years later, a regional royal secretary, Pierre de Courdac, acquired the castle. His descendants are the current owners and maintain the property. The buildings are made with the local dark volcanic stone that typifies the buildings in this region.

The castle's tree-lined driveway.

As I mentioned, we didn't get to go inside, but the views of the exterior are very pretty. Our rental house was on the west end of town. It took about twenty minutes to walk to the château through the middle of St.-Chamant.

Le Château de St.-Chamant.


  1. Lovely photos. The last photo could be in Derbyshire. Sometimes I forget what a beautiful place I live in and take it for granted. Yet I yearn to be in France. C'est la vie.

  2. PS I forgot to say, how green everything looks compared to pictures taken in the Loire at the same time.

  3. Walt

    I have always like those dark volcanic stones. They must be expensive these days to build a new house with them, aren't they?

  4. judy, thanks, as always!

    melinda, it was very pretty.

    jean, yes, it was much greener in the mountains. Our grass here in the Loire is parched, or grillé as they say.

    starman, it's a nice château, but probably a pain to heat!

    beaver, it's very striking, and I have no idea how the cost compares to anything else. :(


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