Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Beg Your Chardon

I never promised you a thistle garden. Chardon being the French word for thistle, of course. And it doesn't rhyme with pardon. I know, I know.

Some variety of thistle.

Lots of these are showing up out around the vineyard right now. It's pretty when there are a bunch of them together. I do believe they're related to the artichoke. Certain members of the family are edible, but I'm not sure about this one. I'm not about to try it to find out.


  1. You're a poet and you didn't ( or did) know it ;p

  2. OK, WCS - where did those words ( I never promised you a "rose" garden) come from????
    You are a little weird but I like you!!!!

  3. Thank heavens you have not lost your sense of humor after several years in France. (Or should I say your sense of humor has not changed?)

  4. Speaking of not trying to find if something tastes good, what do you suppose the guy was thinking when he looked at a snail and said, "Wow, I'll bet that would be great with a little garlic and butter"?

  5. how lovely
    but i concur it does not look appetizing.

  6. Yes, thistles are related to artichokes. The first time I was served an artichoke at a dinner party, I had never seen them eaten. I dutifully tore off a leaf, dipped it in the drawn butter and chewed my way through the whole leaf, which I thought was totally awful.

    Fortunately the hostess saw my last mouthful go in and immediately came to my side to explain quietly how it was done. I was SO grateful!


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