Monday, November 30, 2009


Under the influence of the moon, a little crazy. That's the definition of lunatique in the Petit Robert. And I learned this definition because of the signs I saw many years ago on Parisian doorways: chien lunatique.

The moon last Friday evening, seen from out in the vineyard.

It's the French version of "beware of dog." I suppose it's because you can't predict the behavior of a dog that's under the influence of the moon, so you had better watch out. Except most of the time the dog in question was a little tiny fur ball, hardly capable of anything more than a bit of aggressive yipping.

But I do remember, too, seeing many huge dogs in Paris. And knowing how small Parisian apartments can be, I was always amazed that Parisians would own the likes of German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and even the occasional Saint Bernard.

I suppose our Callie is a bit lunatique, but in a good way. She likes to jump up on visitors and lavish them with kisses. And there's no sign outside our house; consider yourself warned.


  1. Glad to hear that you are still living. Lewis and I probably would pass on the mushroom course at your place;-)

  2. Someone along the way gave me a little "Chat lunatique" sign, which I have on my back door :)) My cat wasn't too nutty, but the sign was fun!

    Do you still also see the sign, "Chien Méchant" to mean something similar to "Beware of Dog/Vicious Dog"?


  3. Poor Callie...not a lunatic, just very very loving!
    I'd still be afeared of those mushrooms!
    I'm whisking Leon off to Paris for his birthday in March and we will be staying with Carol and Michael for a couple of days in St Romaine. Let's catch up.

  4. I had a sign on my gate that said "chien mechant, maitre feroce". Of course, 99.9% of Americans didn't know what it meant but it was fun to have it up.
    Once you taste those ceps, there is no turning back. I love them (foin and all). The slime you get with that "foin" is actually very healthy for you. We never removed ours. You just have to make sure all the liquid is evaporated.

  5. evelyn, we only ate the stems so far. Ken dried the caps.

    judy, yes, I think méchant is much stronger than lunatique when applied to pets.

    sue, we're looking forward to tales of your trip and getting together if your schedule permits!

    nadege, from what I've heard, I don't think I'd like the foin at all.

  6. Yes, we ate the stems in the zucchini moussaka, and have suffered no ill effects. The dried mushroom caps smell heavenly.

  7. "And there's no sign outside our house; consider yourself warned."
    Hmmm, seems like an open invitation.


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