Tuesday, November 24, 2009

For The Birds

It's been windy and wet these past few days. There have not been a lot of opportunities to get out there with the camera. Especially since the daylight is diminishing and the overcast skies make it even darker.

But amazingly, it has not been very cold. We're not using the central heat very much; a little now and then to take the chill off in the morning, but certainly not every morning. And the wood stove has been running, but seldom at full bore. Just a little fire to keep the living room comfortable. The temperatures have been very mild.

Because it's not cold, there are still plenty of insects around. And that means that the birds have plenty to eat, along with the normal fall seeds and the worms that come out in the wet weather. We haven't felt the need to put out bird seed or suet balls so far this year.

But as soon as it gets cold again, we will invite the birds to the feeders and suet. They're like winter friends, visiting our yard and balcony to feast during the cold months. Mostly we get finches, tits, and robins up close to the house.

The photo above is of a bird house, or apartment building, in Washington Park, Albany, NY.


  1. Love that birdhouse pole! Tell us about that new saw when you get a chance...

  2. A birdhouse cascade! A favela of birdhouses! Birdie condos! Shantybirds!

    I'd love to know the story of that pole...

  3. evelyn, saw story coming on Wednesday.

    chris, see the update in the post to learn about the bird house.

  4. Say hi to all the tits. Oh wait, that was Ken's blog yesterday.

  5. I looks like Montréal's Habitat 67 for birds.

  6. I start feeding the birds on Thanksgiving day.
    It doesn't feel the same though, without snow.
    I used to love seeing cardinals against white snow.

  7. cheryl, hehehe.

    starman, I'm not familiar with it; I'll give it a google!

    michael, I saw a cardinal on my recent trip to NYS. We don't have them in France. Very pretty!


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