Thursday, January 24, 2008

Callie's Brothers

The breeder at the kennel where Callie was born has a website that includes a photo album of dogs that were bred there. Many months ago, Ken sent them a photo of Callie for the site. The breeder added the photo pretty quickly.

I took a fresh look at the site a few days ago and noticed photos of what are certainly two of Callie's brothers!

Presenting, in order, Callie, Chester, and Clay:

Callie's album portrait (summer 2007)

Chester (not my photo)

Clay (not my photo)

The breeder told us that Callie's brothers picked on her a lot. Chester certainly looks like a little bully in this photo, but Clay doesn't. Of course, Callie was one of eight or nine pups in the litter, so we can't be sure these two are among the culprits.


  1. My brother picked on me also! I used to scream loudly before he actually hurt me, we are now the best of buddies.

    Chester looks like a bully, bet he liked ganging up on poor Callie. Having a litter of puppies is a lot work, err I mean FUN.

    I recently discovered that Maybelle's grandparents were owned by a friend of mine. Maybelle's mom was named Lucille Snow Ball and her grandmom was Liz Taylor Sellers. She's got a bit of celebrity going on in her linage. He he.

  2. Nice family but look at Callie... It's obvious that she is the most intelligent, the best-looking, the classiest one of the litter! Probably the last to be born, the best to come, and, with your care, fulfilling all the promises!

    That's what I tell my older siblings about me...

  3. isn't it funny that them who looks so alike should have such instantly recognizable and different personalities.

  4. My brother, ten years my senior, picked on me too!
    Anyway, Callie's much better-looking and let's admit it, enjoys a much better photographer than her brothers! :)

  5. Callie appreciates all your nice comments! She also sympathizes with those of you who have been picked on by older brothers.

    Me, I'm an older brother, and I just can't imagine what all the fuss is about.

  6. Ah Claude, we are the same age and have brothers who are ten years older than we are! I worshipped my brother, but he did like to tease me a lot. Actually, he still teases me sometimes.

    Walt, the oldest is the smartest one, non? My brother used me as a fetcher- "get me this, get me that" and his wish was my command. We love our older siblings.

  7. Wow, Chester really has the hard stare down pat. All he needs is a t-shirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled in one sleeve.

    Or maybe he could go the Travis Bickle route - "are you looking at me? Well, I don't see any other dogs around here.".

    John H.


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