Monday, January 28, 2008

Sun Dog

When the point on the horizon where the sun rises starts moving from the southeast back toward the east, right around this time of year, we get a sunbeam and a shadow on our fireplace mantle (or what serves as a mantle on our artsy-fartsy fireplace). Thus:

A metal sculpture of a dog, and a little shell.

It's yet another reminder of lengthening days and the approaching spring. Hey, we take 'em where we can get 'em!

Speaking of the moving sun, I've noticed that I can see Mars after sunset these days, right above Orion in the southeastern sky. I've been searching for Gemini, but it hides behind the trees until after I've gone to bed.

Saturn rises then, and the moon comes out to play.


  1. Your are right we must focus on good things
    Vous avez raison il faut mettre en valeur les jolies choses
    Very often they are simple,very simple
    Très souvent elles sont simples, très simples
    And they happen on a daily basis
    Et elles peuvent arriver quotidiennement, tous les jours
    Loving nature is a risk worth taking, it will give us back
    Aimer la nature est un risque à prendre, elle nous le rendra
    I hope that you'll have a lot of counts of sunsets next to the beloved ones.
    J'espère que vous aurez encore beaucoup de décomptes de couchers de soleil au côté de gens aimés.

  2. Thank you again for cyber-sun...

  3. I thought you meant Sun God! By a twist of the mind that makes me think of my favorite palindrome: "Do geese see God!"

  4. I was so glad to see the red poppies of picture of the week. I couldn't help thinking about them when I read Ken's post with the sunflower photo last week. Those fields of brilliant red are so inviting!

  5. kristana, merci de vos beaux mots.

    claudia, any time!

    chm, you know me better than that... Dog is my co-pilot.

    cheryl, depending on this year's weather, you may be here to see some!

  6. Do you see, the sun is making love with art.
    And the shadow is making love with metal. Lively
    Very nice picture anyway with great colors.

  7. yab, I suppose you're right!

  8. This is really a great shot!
    You are lucky to be able to see anything in the sky. I can't see a darn thing except clouds, more clouds and even more clouds! :(


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