Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Seen In Arles

We made a quick swing through Arles while we were in Provence. If you remember, we also visited Arles during our Southwest France Trip in 1989.

Window boxes, awnings, and blue shutters.

The colors in Arles are amazing. I wish I had more time to spend in some of the places we saw so that I could really reflect their nature with the camera. Instead, I just have these few quick snapshots that are nothing more than first impressions.

The sign outside a charcuterie.

But these first impressions still stir vivid memories in me of the places we visited and the whole of the trip, and that's a good thing.

One of my favorite shades of green.

I know that I'll go back to some of these places one day. But they and I will have changed from those days when I got my first impressions.

I think this lion is keeping out the evil spirits.


  1. That shade of blue reminds me of our first visit to the Cotswolds, where so many of the stone cottages have front doors painted the same color. We liked it so much we painted our front door that shade, too. There's something very friendly and welcoming about it. At least I hope these is. Hope you're enjoying a respite from the rain.

  2. It has such a subtle charm! You don't want to leave the place...
    I'm starting your 1989 Southwest France Trip.

  3. I love Arles and its window shutters. The first photo really looks spiffy against the blue background of your blog.

  4. susan, the blue door sounds great!

    lost, thanks. I followed your link and will be catching up on your blog in the days to come.

    claudia, enjoy the ride!

    betty, the shutters are pretty neat there. I, also, noticed the blue on blue and that's why I put that picture up first!


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