Sunday, March 26, 2006

Photo du Jour : Chapelle

This is the small chapel inside the Château de Chenonceau. There were so few visitors that I was actually able to lie down on the floor and take this picture:

Since I've been talking about the weather here lately, I thought I'd share the chart below. We've been tracking temperatures outside the house for over a year now. The chart shows our daily highs and lows since the beginning of fall 2005 up until spring 2006. It's in celcius, so remember that 0ºC = 32ºF, 10ºC is about 50ºF, and 20ºC is just below 70ºF.

Temperatures plunged in November, but as you can see, it hasn't been all that cold, with daily highs mostly above freezing. That hasn't stopped us all from complaining about it anyway.

Click on the image for a larger view.

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  1. Hé bé, comme dirait ma copine du Nord de la France, toi, couché sur le sol de la chapelle, ça devait être quelque chose à voir, lol ! Tu devais faire un beau... "gisant" ("recumbent effigy" ???) ! @ + ! Marie (Normandie, France)


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