Friday, March 17, 2006

Photo du Jour : Peach Blossoms

Last March, our peach trees were in bloom. So far this year, we're still waiting. April should be warmer and give us sights like this in the yard:

Ken and I have been deeply touched by the messages of love and sympathy we've received from friends and family since Collette left us on Tuesday. Thanks to all of you who've left comments here and on Ken's site. We appreciate them more than you know. Also, our sincerest thanks for the e-mails and phone calls. Collette did, indeed, have many friends across the US and here in France. We're glad you're our friends, too!


  1. So spring is in view? Good to know. Not in Paris, yet, where it was freezing today. Great photos.

  2. Thanks, Claude. I love your pictures and look forward to seeing them each day.


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